Friday, June 12, 2015

It's been a while

I underestimated how long it would take to redo my kitchen. Goodness painting and installing new backsplash alone took forever. The cabinets are sill being mitered and we are still cooking and cleaning which is utter chaos. I am not sure a resurface should have been attempted we have very cheap 1980's cabinetry. It did save us a bundle but, had I doubled my budget from 1k to 2k we would have been able to buy and install new cabinets. 

I digress we are almost done and hubby had to completely make two new drawers. He is pretty crafty! 

I asked him to combine two small drawers into one huge drawer. We decided to add new dividers that were customized to our kitchen needs. 

How I spent my morning...blocking out where to put the silverware and various other things in every drawer you will see a very open area to the left. I have decided I am tired of so much clutter on the cabinet tops. Right now we had butcher block, coffee maker, coffee cups, utilize in caddy, toaster, and miscellaneous spices. 

That is all going to change phase 1 was to make a microwave/coffee bar.

The 2nd phase is adding a butcher block build in to the silver wear drawer.

Stay tuned!!! 

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