Sunday, May 31, 2015

We have made contac

Contac paper a medium I have not worked with. I finally contac paper that was my style. Well my style as much as contac paper. Growing up my mom lined our shelves with dinning mats. I never felt the need to line prior shelves in new homes, or apartments. When I moved in with the husband our shelves were lined it was not attractive. Since they cleaned up easy enough I loved with the contac paper. How I have not a clue. So we are re-finishing the cabinets and the old contac paper was removed and lo and behold our cabinets looked sad. I decided to take a trip to Target and pick up two rolls of black and white frilly paper actually it looks almost like my table cover. 
It's like Yankee camoflauge. 
The installation was terrible it stinks. I am very sensitive to smells and this one was very strong. It stuck to itself, me and not really my cabinet. After 30 minutes 3 cabinets were complete and I had to take a break the drawers can wait. 

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