Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer living

I am a summer-a-holic! If you are one you get it. If you aren't here is what it is...Summer-a-holic (Noun) a person who can only function at temperatures above 80 degree F. A person who needs copious amounts of sunlight, and becomes a lay about in such climates. Here is the long and short of it. Spring ushered in a need to define, and redo my space. Summer however made me an extremely lazy DIY girl. I have taken 4 Vacations, and countless weekends since my last update. The kitchen has come to a complete stand still. I am planning on installing my floors this evening, although last week I had tried and failed miserably between my 14 year old summer house guest and my 3 year old, I threw in the towel. I have been unable to spray my cabinets as the weather has been consistently in the 90's or raining. I have a million excuses and I am sick of each one. The project has overwhelmed me and if I did not own up to it on the blog, I would feel as if I was being dishonest. DIY plans are hard, and I understand when to hire a professional?! I have one coming to do some work next week! Long story short stay tuned.

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