Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kitchen Chronicals part duex

We started by ripping out the floor which showed us it was time to replace a few parts of our subfloor. 

The cabinets are made from MDF aka partical board. The laminate countertops have seen better days and need to updated. We have all black appliances not my choice but hubby has replaced half when I met him so I am going with it. We have now replaced all of the appliances. 

I dream of a bright white kitchen. I like the idea of composit black sinks, new black multi colored countertops, ideally we would get cabinets. 

I started pricing new cabinets and we were looking to add on the adjacent wall a workspace and cabinets. The other wall measures 6ft with a corner and additional wall 5ft it was meant to be an eat in kitchen although, I need the workspace as we have very little prep space. 

I I priced my dream and it was the upper 3k and that was with out floors. Our budget is $1,000. Well that is how the cookie crumbles. 

Off to pin test we go. I found a great cheap inspirational kitchen.

It looks amazing and right up my alley. Hubby and I did not use any wood glue as we have a nail gun and plenty of putty, and time. My complete shopping list for wallpaper, nails, primer, paint, deglosser, cleaner, molding etc. was $128. That will do just the cabinet makeover. I used crown molding in 15ft bars for .51 cents a ft. It came to $38. 

Here is what we did. 

I putty redid the doors as I loath the detail work from the 80's it is about 31 years dead. 

I love sparkle and putty it is soothing and sort of like playing with play dough. 
Adding the goopy white wallpaper I found for  $15 at Home Depot covers 56 sq ft!!

I had my work cutout for me eh? 
White paint applied 2 coats of primer after I used 2 in 1 deglosser/cleaner. It wasn't the best option. It did have glowing reviews. 

I wouldn't purchase it again. 

After primer 2 coats of exterior/interior Sherwin Williams reflective white semi-gloss. Really fantastic *roll on do not brush it will be ugly. 

Hardware eh I was going to clean and spray but they cleaned up and we're still so worn I decided to buy new for about $50 I will get into that another time. 

That is when hubby and his miter saw entered 
That is pre puttied after trim was added no paint yet! We used an 18 gage brad nailer with 5/8 to place so easy and not messy. 

You can see gaps on edges I totall filled those in. Each door putty took about 30 minutes. 
After putty

Drawers lovely isn't it. We have yet to tackle upper cabinets. We will be using a spray painter for the next phase stay tuned! 

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