Friday, January 15, 2016

The big news!

I know the last post made you wonder did I throw away everything?? Am I a new minimalist? Did the life-changing book "the magic of tidying up" make it possible for these photos. No, we are moving!!! I spent the last 5 years making my first home with hubby and baby bear but, we outgrew it. I really want more children and hubby decided it was truly time to sell his first home. He bought this three years before we met and it is a part of who he is and has been there for him it took a long time to decide to sell. When he was ready everything fell together, timing is everything. So our house went on the market today. We have already found out forever home! We close in late Feb. 2016 and are excited to start a new project it may take years. We are going from 1300 sq ft to 3400 sq ft wow! We definitely do not have furniture for so many spaces but, we are excited that it means shopping and decorating. We bought a classic colonial and it is in an adorable neighborhood. Belle my 4 year old said, "Oh mommy I love the neighborhood"...Not exactly what I thought she'd say, by it is really awesome.

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